What is counselling

What is counselling - Nicky Walker Counselling
'no feeling is final'
Rainer Maria Rilke
Some things are hard to face or talk about.  We may feel we are stuck in a place we would rather not be.  Sometimes we can’t seem to move past a difficult experience and feel we should be doing better; perhaps we have a sense that all is not well, but we are not sure why ... and sometimes we wish we could make someone understand how we are feeling.
Counselling offers an opportunity to explore your struggles in a non-judgemental, open and confidential space.  It has been described as a journey where two people are alongside each other, working together to negotiate a tricky path.  If you have reached a point where you feel you are unable to move forward, for whatever reason, counselling may help.
The process seeks to support you through your current difficulties and offer hope for a new, healthier way of being.
Please feel free to  contact me to arrange an initial assessment, which is offered free of charge and without obligation, which may help you decide whether counselling is for you. 

Confidential counselling
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